Ombre apparel is a textile buying agency. We negotiate orders, pursue buyer's specification and ensure quality in every phase of production. Ombre apparel is a branch of Sunbright hosiery, which was established in 1992 and traded knitted garments in USA and Europe. Our strength is our experience and passion and we believe in quality and commitment. We have built up a team which is well trained, experienced and align with our prestige services. Our core values are reliability, commitment, integrity, teamwork and service.
We utilize services of well equipped factories located in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. These factories are culled through their efficiency, performance and advance technology. We use their experience and facilities to design and develop incipient textile clothes for customers. Our specialists team maintain constant cautiousness and supervision of production process and ensure final product is a perfect piece. We provide quality products of knitwear, under our experience team for a competitive price within client's time line all over the world. Our growth is only be lasting if quality, competitive price and time management is maintained throughout the process.


Sourcing and merchandising

We have established a network of sources that enables us to provide quality products to buyers with competitive price. We maintain high quality standard and meet buyer's timeline. Quality needs attention, sincere efforts and efficient use of resources. Our team always focuses on our core values to achieve buyer's quality standards.

Product development

Our team facilitates factory merchandiser in sample development from start to finish. We ensure that all samples consummate buyer's requisite specification and make sure that all samples are made with perfection.

Fabrication/Dying checking

Our team checks production from beginning to end. It commences from cull of yarn. We check yarn and fabric quality and ensure that it gauges our standards and gratify buyer's requirement. We ensure consistencies in dyed lots shade. We check each lot's data cognate to the individual fabric data including shrinkage, weight GSM, colour crocking, torque and home laundering. We also ensure that dyes/chemical being used during dying is as per international environmental standards, amicable to nature and cause no harm to end user.

Quality Inspections

Our experienced team checks quality in every phase of production. Our quality inspectors examine factory and work as a liaison between our office and factory management. Our quality inspectors report any anomaly directly to quality assurance manager in factory. They follow our standard and compliance with buyer's instructions. They make sure that quality is maintain in every stage and production is align with buyer's specification and requirement.

We always follow our core value and ascertain quality is not compromised at any cost. We ensure factory compliance, certifications and social compliance audit. We work closely with factory management to highlight and solve any quandary. Our job is to make sure everyone do their job congruously and timely. We believe in team work and make sure every player should play its role efficiently and apportion profit.



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